KC Mechanical - Pre Purchase Inspections

KC Mechanical provides comprehensive vehicle inspections. OUR MECHANICS ARE HIGHLY SKILLED AND PASSIONATE about cars so you don't purchase a lemon.

Buying a used car can be an exciting and yet difficult task with so many options and considerations. What type of car to buy? Where to buy? How to purchase? What are the hidden costs? How do I know the car I’m buying isn’t fraught with hidden mechanical or electrical problems? Is the seller hiding something or maybe not aware of existing problems?

Whether you’re looking to buy a small car to get around your local area, or something larger to tow your boat or caravan for weekend getaways, you’d want to be sure that its condition is of the highest standard. We provide comprehensive pre-purchase vehicle inspections so you can buy your car with complete confidence.

Our fully qualified mechanics specialise in performing independent car inspections. We can also conduct vehicle history checks, and REVS checks upon request. A comprehensive summary report that details the body condition and structural integrity of the vehicle will be provided

KC Mechanical's Pre-Inspection service is more comprehensive than the normal Road Worthy Certificate inspection, making this service a must for peace of mind! 


Buying a used car is a large financial investment – you don’t want to get it wrong!